Based on the huge experience in sheetmetal field of the owners, FAMET is a project of an industrial manufacturing shop specialized in sheet metal working: punching sheet metal parts, laser cutting and bending.
Reduce the cost of your parts building here together with us a small sheetmetal shop. There are many successful stories here in Romania of small sheetmetal shops producing quality and not-expensive parts for European partners. There are companies with 8-15 employees and some second hand machines brought by the mother company (CNC Punching machines, CNC press-brakes, CNC laser cutting machines, welding equipments etc) which work with very very good results. Use in a clever way the CNC machines which you don't use at full capacity in your company, transport them here and they will pay for themselves very fast. China is not anymore a solution for small and medium run productions, not only because of logistic problems but mainly because of cultural differences which make difficult to manage such a business. You can have inside EU a good alternative. Use our experience and passion for sheetmetal, our experience in using sheetmetal machines and CAD/CAM Software, our experience in sales and purchasing !
We are located in north-east part of Romania, location having the advantage of a qualified and not-expensive work force.


We would be pleased to receive your business proposals.


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